PES-Architects wins the competition to design the new Turku Concert Hall as part of alliance consortium Harmonia 




基于建筑质量和场地利用的考量,2021年10月18日,经过两轮评选,图尔库市议会决定由芬兰PES建筑设计事务所和Hartela建筑公司组成的Harmonia 联合体中标图尔库新音乐厅。此次竞赛一共有三家联合体进入到2020年12月进行的第二轮竞赛。


联合体的名称 "Harmonia "反映了设计目标。“和谐”在希腊原文中是结合在一起的意思。在音乐中,它指的是对立元素的融合。同样,新的音乐厅也旨在将“城市、艺术、功能和文化”各种不同元素结合起来,建筑将作为一个载体培养社区精神并激发新的活动。




在我们的设计愿景中,新音乐厅不会是一个单独的感叹号,而是与邻近的图尔库城市剧院和Wäinö Aaltonen博物馆一起成为一个充满活力的文化和艺术地标。













Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy,WSP Finland Oy, PES-Architects Ltd, Laidun-design Oy


声学顾问:Akukon Oy和Kahle Acoustics



Tuomas Silvennoinen (主创设计师) ,  Marko Kivistö (Laidun Oy) , Martin Lukasczyk (项目经理) ,  Willem Barendregt , Martin Genet, Hannes Halttunen, Anniina Ikäheimo, Mikko Karppanen, Kai Lindvall, Satu Mattila, Toivo Moustgaard, 彭彦, Jarkko Salminen, 赵亦周




The Turku City Council decided on 18 October to select alliance consortium Harmonia, led by construction company Hartela and PES-Architects, to design and build the new Turku Concert Hall following a two-phase negotiated tendering process. Three alliance consortia were shortlisted for the second phase in December 2020. Particular emphasis in the decision was placed  on architectural quality and the use of the site. 


The name of the consortium, Harmonia (harmony), reflects the goals of the design. In the original Greek, harmony means joining together. In music, it refers to the harmonious combination of contrasting elements. Similarly, the new concert hall is designed for diverse encounters at different levels: urban, artistic, functional and  cultural. The architecture of the building serves as a platform to help foster a sense of community and enable new forms of activities and events.  


Harmony has also been sought in the relationship of the concert hall to its surroundings and the unique cultural landscape. The concert hall will be situated in a prominent location on Independence Square by the Aura River. In our vision, the building is not a solitary exclamation mark – instead, it will form part of a vibrant landmark of culture and art together with the adjacent Turku City Theatre and Wäinö Aaltonen Museum.  


The building also has its own clear identity and distinctive character. In recognition  of the importance of the Aura River flowing through Turku to the city’s landscape and identity, the building lends its form from an undulating river bed. The vertical openings of the copper, glass and wood façade allow varying views of the river from within and make the building open and inviting from outside. 


The concert hall will feature world-class acoustics in a classic shoebox auditorium that envelops the audience and orchestra in music. The multifunctional hall is designed to flexibly accommodate a variety of uses.  


The building will leave as much as possible of the existing square open to retain views to the river from the theatre and the City administration building. The square between the concert hall and theatre will be a functional space for activities, allowing new forms of collaboration between the two. To compensate for the loss of the existing park, the building will feature rooftop gardens and terraces.


According to the alliance model, the project will now proceed to a two-stage development phase, where a project plan will be drawn up in partnership with the City to agree on the scope, content and targets of the project, followed by preparation of the construction documents for approval by the City Council.


The aim is that the 13,600 sqm concert hall would be completed by the end of 2025.


Consortium Harmonia:

Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy

WSP Finland Oy

PES-Architects Ltd

Laidun-design Oy


Acoustics consultants: Akukon Oy and Kahle Acoustics


PES-Architects'  team: 

Tuomas Silvennoinen (chief designer)

Marko Kivistö (Laidun Oy)
Martin Lukasczyk (project manager)

Willem Barendregt 

Martin Genet

Hannes Halttunen

Anniina Ikäheimo 

Mikko Karppanen 

Kai Lindvall 

Satu Mattila 

Toivo Moustgaard 
Yan Peng 

Jarkko Salminen
Yizhou Zhao