南昌保利大剧院7月份外立面建设将全面完工。(图:Jyri Eskola)







这个项目是由芬兰PES-Architects设计团队打造,设计师优睿·埃斯科拉(Jyri Eskola)说,自然是建筑灵感的源泉,自然文化深藏在中国人和芬兰人心中。在这个项目中,他们将建筑与环境融为一体,在绿地、公园、湖景以及未来的商业区之间建立联系,“可以将这种联系想象成水流,它‘流经’建筑,创造出一条通道,而建筑三大功能体就仿佛在水流中游动的鱼儿”,即“游弋之鱼”。











原文:《当文化地标遇上玲珑瓷 芬兰设计师揭秘“游弋之鱼”如何建成》,王蕴蓉,江西新闻,,2024.6.17,来源:《江西日报》



PES-Shanghai Partner Introduced Design Concepts of Nanchang Poly Grand Theater In An Interview


On May 30, PES-Shanghai Partner Mr. Jyri Eskola visited the site of Nanchang Poly Grand Theater and was interviewed by Jiangxi Daily. In the interview, Mr. Eskola introduced ideas and concepts of the architectural design of Nanchang Poly Grand Theater.


What kind of sparks will be created when cultural landmarks meet linglong porcelain (rice-pattern decorated porcelain)? Nanchang Poly Grand Theater, located on the shore of Jiulong Lake in Nanchang, with its modern and regionally distinctive characteristics, will soon be completed. The exterior design of Nanchang Poly Grand Theater is inspired by linglong porcelain, one of the four most famous traditional porcelains in Jingdezhen. From a distance, it looks like the building is covered by a ceramic veil.


The project was created by design team of a Finnish firm, PES-Architects. Designer Jyri Eskola owes the source of architectural inspiration to nature. Culture of nature is deeply rooted in the heart of Chinese and Finnish people. In this project, architecture and environment were closely integrated, connecting green space, parks, lake view and future commercial areas. “You may imagine this connection as a stream of water. It ‘flows’ by buildings, creating a channel, while the three major functional bodies of the building are just like fishes swimming in the water. That is what is called ‘the swimming fishes’”.


Harvard University graduate Jyri Eskola came to China in 2016. He was deeply impressed by ceramic culture of Jiangxi, which is why the design team used a large number of ceramics in this building. “I hope that in the future Poly Grand Theater could become a crystal-clear linglong porcelain that belongs exclusively to Nanchang.”


The article was originally published by Jiangxi Daily, and has been reposted by Jiangxi News and Xinhua News Agency (Jiangxi Channel).


Original article: Wang, Yunrong (2024, Jun 17). When cultural landmarks meet linglong porcelain, Finnish designer unveils how ‘swimming fishes’ are built,, Jiangxi News quoted from Jiangxi Daily