Construction of the new courthouse in Oulu has been started




奥卢(Oulu)新法院大楼已获得建筑许可证,于2021年三月在托里卡图(Torikatu)沿线的法院旧址开工建设。 新的法院综合体将于2023年初完工,将把奥卢大部分司法行政部门集中在一起。 除了法庭以外,大楼还将包括客户服务设施和可容纳约400名员工的办公场所。


The new courthouse in Oulu has received a building permit, with construction to start this month at the site of the old courthouse along Torikatu. Set to be completed in early 2023, the new courthouse complex will unite most of the judicial administration in Oulu under one roof. In addition to courtrooms, the building will include customer service facilities and offices for around 400 staff.








该综合体建筑是PES与Komulainen 建筑公司合作设计,旨在建造符合行政工作环境的综合体,为司法行政部门提供安全、健康的办公空间,并支持新的数字化办公方式。项目对环境和可循环有着极大的寄望,将作为参议院建筑的碳足迹计算试点项目。该大楼的部分电力将使用太阳能供电。


Designed in collaboration with Komulainen Arkkitehdit, the building provides secure and healthy spaces for judicial administration that comply with the administration’s working environment and premises concept and support new working methods and digitalisation. The project has ambitious environmental and lifecycle goals, and the building will act as Senate Properties' pilot project for carbon footprint calculation. Part of the property's electricity will be supplied by solar power.