PES-Architects' design selected for City of Vantaa new hybrid office building





独特的综合体建筑群将成为万塔市充满活力的中心一部分,其中包括了VTK Kiinteistöt 公司的综合体办公楼(万塔市政府下属的房地产公司),它的地下是车库,首层是商业场所,向上三层是办公空间,而顶上的三至四层是住宅空间。办公大楼的总面积约为23,000平方米,住宅部分的建筑面积约为6,000平方米。











PES-Architects’ proposal “Koralli” was selected for the new hybrid building complex to be built in central Tikkurila for the City of Vantaa. PES-Architects is the principal designer in the project, partnering with the construction and investment company Lehto-Group. We’re responsible for the overall architectural design as well as workplace environment design.


The unique hybrid complex will be part of the vibrant new heart of Vantaa, containing a mixed-use office building for VTK Kiinteistöt Oy (a real estate company owned by the City of Vantaa) with commercial premises on the ground floor and three floors of offices, underground car park and other premises for the City’s use, topped by three to four floors of apartment units. The gross area of the office building is about 23,000 m² and the floor area of the residential component is about 6,000 m².


The name “Koralli” (coral) refers to the versatile and flexible form and functions of the complex. The building mass is divided into smaller blocks like a partly open, partly closed chest of drawers, forming green terraces and natural overhangs to shield the offices from the sun. The building steps down towards the City Hall, creating a human-scale square in a continuation of the existing urban squares, integrating into and interacting with the surrounding urban environment.


The building’s design allows for great flexibility and adaptability. The aim is create a modern and functional work environment for the City and encourage encounters between the building’s users and visitors through shared, multipurpose spaces.

The carbon footprint of the complex is planned to be up to 55% lower than in an average new build. The highest green building certification LEED Platinum will be sought.


The builder-designer team for the project was selected through a public procurement negotiated procedure.