这个五月,PES中国分公司合伙人、中国发展总监优睿·埃斯科拉(Jyri Eskola)先生分享了他对建筑如何激发创新力而创新技术如何赋能建筑设计方面的见解。




图书馆和博物馆这样的建筑类型已存在了几个世纪,其重点在于保护与滋养知识及人类的共同记忆。 在当今时代,世界上各类信息都唾手可得,图书馆和博物馆这样的建筑类型也因此经历着变化。 一种新颖的建筑类型出现了,它欢迎更多的用户并允许更大的使用灵活性。我们将这类建筑称为“当代集市”,这一类型与城市相似,允许各种功能、空间和活动交织在一起。 演讲探讨了该建筑类型,以及图书馆和博物馆的总体未来。


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5月25日,埃斯科拉先生在上海文化广场举办的“DnA 周末设计沙龙”上分享了他对数字赋能设计的理解。


在讨论将超现代 VR 和 AR 技术融入建筑环境的设计与艺术活动中,埃斯科拉先生在演讲中介绍了一系列 PES 项目是如何使用上述技术来增强剧院演出的体验,而这又如何改变了建筑和室内建筑空间。




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This May, Mr. Jyri Eskola, Partner PES-Shanghai, China Development Director shared his insights into how architecture fosters creativity and how creative technology empowers architectural design.


On May 23, Mr. Eskola delivered a speech at the 4th Dialogue of China-Europe-America Museums Cooperation Initiative held in Tianjin Museum.


The library and museum are building types that have existed for centuries, their focus being the preservation and cultivation of knowledge, and the communal memory of humankind. In the contemporary era, as all the information in the world is readily available in our pockets, the architectural typology of these buildings is experiencing a change. A novel building type is emerging, that welcomes a larger group of users and allows for a larger flexibility of use. We call this building the contemporary agora, a city-like typology that allows the interlacing of a variety of programmes, spaces and actions. The speech discussed this building type, and the general future of the library and museum.


On May 25, Mr. Eskola shared his interpretation of digital empowerment for design at DnA Weekend Design Salon held in Shanghai Cultural Plaza.


At the Design and Art event that discusses the incorporation of ultra contemporary VR and AR technologies into the built environment, Mr. Eskola’s speech presented a selection of PES projects that use these technologies in augmenting theatre performance experience, and how that changes the architecture and the interior architecture of space.


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