PES-Architects wins design competition for Ferry Terminal Turku




2021年秋,共有18个设计团队申请参加本竞赛。根据公司以往业绩确定出五家单位进入第一轮竞赛:PES-Architects,JKMM Architects,ALA Architects,Helin & Co Architects和LPR-Architects以及Zaha Hadid Architects。经过评委匿名投票选择出三家单位入围第二轮:PES-Architects、JKMM Architects 和 Zaha Hadid Architects 与 Kontukoski Architects联合体。


PES的提案最好的贴合了码头的功能需求,同时又极能契合不断发展的城堡区域的特有的环境和景观。图尔库港有限公司董事总经理,同时也是本次竞赛的评委会主席Erik Söderholm赞扬了该提案非凡而富有表现力的形态。人们常常乘坐游轮从日常生活的磨难中逃离片刻,而码头醒目的外观提醒着乘客接下来曼妙的海上旅程,给予来宾轻盈的情绪。




这座 13,600 平方米的码头,除了为港口运营的两条渡轮线路提供顺畅的乘客体验外,新码头还肩负着重塑城市环境的重任,在海港区形成独特的新建筑语言。建筑语言基于拓扑变化的三角形表面:钢板、玻璃、铝材等多种材料被玩心满满的组合搭配,巧妙地折叠起来,就像一个巨大的折纸作品。该提案闪耀而动感,设计同时具有银色鲑鱼皮或钢制船只等海洋意向。码头还通过高大的玻璃墙和露台为到达和离开的旅客提供了一个景观位置,俯瞰周围的城市、历史及海景。


本次竞赛的主建筑师,也是PES的合伙人Tuomas Silvennoinen讲到:“被邀请参加这项重要竞赛对我们来说是一项巨大的荣誉。很高兴能与图尔库港合作开始规划这个高质量的新的码头。码头建筑既服务于日常旅行,也适合在更特殊的场合使用。”






PES-Architects’ proposal Origami was selected as the winner in the international invited architecture competition for the new passenger terminal in the Port of Turku. A total of 18 design teams applied for the public procurement competition in autumn 2021, of which five teams were selected to participate on the basis of references: PES-Architects, JKMM Architects, ALA Architects, Helin & Co Architects with LPR-Architects, and Zaha Hadid Architects. Three teams, PES-Architects, JKMM Architects, and Zaha Hadid Architects with Kontukoski Architects, were selected for the final phase in an anonymous process.

PES-Architects’ design was unanimously selected for best fulfilling the competition goals in terms of functionality and fit in the environment and landscape of the evolving Linnanniemi area, by the historic Turku Castle. The jury, chaired by Erik Söderholm, Managing Director of Port of Turku Ltd, also praised the exceptional and expressive architecture of the proposal. Ferry cruises often provide a break from the everyday, and the striking appearance of the terminal building sets the passengers in the right mood for a sea voyage.

The 13,600-sqm terminal is designed for high efficiency and flexibility to serve two shipping lines in separate berths, while forming a distinctive new architectural element in the harbour district. The architecture is based on oblique triangular surfaces and a play with steel, glass and aluminium, delicately folded like a giant work of origami. The building’s sculptural lines and shimmering surfaces evoke maritime images of a silvery salmon or steel ship. The terminal also offers both arriving and departing travellers a vantage point to the surrounding city, its history and the seascape through tall glass walls and terraces.

“Being invited to this prestigious competition was a great honour for us. It´s a joy to start planning the new terminal in collaboration with the Port of Turku. Transport architecture serves users in everyday and business travel as well as on more special occasions and holidays, and the Ferry Terminal Turku project can be commended for investing in the high-quality design of the terminal,” says chief designer, PES-Architects partner Tuomas Silvennoinen, architect SAFA.

A further development phase will commence in late summer 2022 in collaboration with the client and other stakeholders. The goal is to have the new passenger terminal in use by early 2026.

The competition win is the third for PES-Architects in central Turku in recent years. We are currently in the design phase for the 
Turku Music Centre and are waiting for work to start on the Turku Railyard arena and urban development project.